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Organic Search KPIs in Data Studio

In this SEO Data Studio Report Tutorial, Part Two, learn the best way to create organic search KPIs scorecards with SEO strategist Kayle Larkin. Get a quick review of adding site impressions Search Console data sources to Data Studio then add scorecards, edit scorecards styles, and add comparison date ranges and a date range control […]

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How Many Pages and Keywords are Indexed?

Data Studio is a powerful, user-friendly Google tool that allows you to build custom digital marketing reports with ease. Get a reliable and easy-to-read snapshot of indexed pages on Google and indexed keywords on Google over time. View useful information about how well your marketing efforts are performing and discover areas where improvements can be […]

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Optimize Ads by ROAS w/ Data Studio

A simple data studio dashboard will organize your Google Ads Campaigns by ROAS. This article will cover how to use Data Studio to create drop-down filters, control fields and data source settings to optimize your strategy and ad campaigns. Or, skip ahead to the Keywords by ROAS video and learn in under 2 minutes. How […]