Content Strategy

Respond to your audience’s natural online behaviors and trends to find the most cost effective route.

"By positioning your brand to answer your audience's questions before they know what they're looking for, you become the authority."

Content Marketing Services

Audience Analysis

What do your best customers need to hear from you?

Mine with your sales department and support department, and browsing social media groups to retrieve common questions and features of interest.

Answer the questions:
What were the “deal closers?”

What were the “deal breakers?”

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Content Strategy Development

Create demand! Leverage the content you already have and fill in the gaps.

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Keyword Research

Understand which keywords assist in conversion: sales or new prospects.

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Organic Search Optimization

Establish SEO processes within your organization. 

You don’t need to optimize from a giant spreadsheet or checklist or to hit a score.

Start with optimizing your most profitable pages and interweaving best practices into your page development/creative processes. 

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SEM Process

Month 1
Research Phase
SEO Analytics: Ensure we have the right data to make the best decisions. Find the Golden Touch Points. Learn what we need to say where.
Month 1
Month 2
Define Channels
What is possible right now? What is a long term strategy?
Month 2
Month 3
Build Campaign
Outline Money Page, Outline Support Articles Recommend Multi-Channel Support Campaigns
Month 3
Track visibility progress, lead quality and pivot strategy as we learn more about audience behavior.

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