Analytics & Reporting

Website data, ad data, social media data, sales calls…your clients are telling you how to build your most profitable marketing campaigns. 

"Identifying your most valuable customers enables you to fine-tune your marketing efforts to increase profitability."

Kayle Larkin

SEO Analytics Services

Set Up

Make sure your Google Analytics, Tag Manager, Search Console and SEO tool – like Ahrefs is set up the right way, the first time.

GA is not retroactive. Just as you can’t catch any fish without casting your net, Google Analytics can’t collect data without being installed. So the sooner you get things set up properly, the better.

Whether you’re a site owner or a website designer, having a data whiz in your corner makes the setup process a whole lot easier.

Google Analytics provides insights into which marketing strategies are driving the most people, sales or leads.

Cutting corners on data analytics is choosing to make really expensive marketing decisions blindfolded. 

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Digital Marketing Reporting

User-friendly marketing reports that translate a rabbit hole of data into actionable business decisions.

Ready-to-go data studio templates for ecommerce, search engine optimization and paid advertising.

Schedule a demo to view sample data studio reports.

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Clean Up

Set the stage for making data-driven decisions by understanding what you are trying to do and how you will accomplish it.

Creating a data measurement strategy helps you design and implement tracking on your website. Allowing you to structure your analytics to report directly on what affects your business objectives.

Make your data meaningful by defining powerful goals and turning those goals into a plan of action.

Empower your team by creating a data-driven culture with Analytics.

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With everything correctly set up, you’re probably wondering how to use this thing. This question is a difficult one to answer because there’s no single way to use Google Analytics. It can tell you hundreds of things about your website, so the way you use it will depend on the data you need to know.

The advantage of learning how to use Google Analytics is that you can answer marketing questions with real data.

At first glance it may feel like learning Klingon, but a basic report setup is all you need to get started. Investing in a proper set up or clean up and an actionable dashboard will pay for itself time and time again.

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SEO Analytics Process

Step 1


First step is to make sure I fully understand your site and what is most important to growing your business.
Step 1
Step 2


It's really important to fully own your data. All Google Analytics accounts will be set up under your company email domain.
Step 2
Step 3


Connect and cleanup everything we discussed in onboarding, this may include.
Step 3
Step 4


Personalize a Data Studio dashboard with your branding. Record a "how to" video for using your new report and schedule future meetings.
Step 4

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