How to Measure ROI of Content Marketing

Marketing managers often do not hit their target ROIs because their focus lies elsewhere.

Generally speaking, it is because they are stuck optimizing for vanity metrics: keyword rank, impressions, click through rate, cost per lead.

Hard truth, these metrics don’t really matter.

A #1 position or 100% click through rate does not really matter.

What matters is your return on investment (ROI.)

If you are measuring the value of an SEO campaign by multiplying users x average CPC – hard stop.

This is an inaccurate measurement because they’re two different audiences.

Users interact differently with Ads than they do with Organic search results. And, it only tells of the money saved, not the money generated.

Focus on what really matters and attribute a Goal Value per landing page.

We build custom reporting dashboards by internal linking silo, keyword grouping or content marketing campaign.

Powerful, effortless reports that prove content marketing and search engine optimization value.

Video: Measuring SEO and Content Marketing Value by Money Generated.

Example of one our our custom data studio dashboards that visualizes SEO and Content Marketing value by money made.

Note: Data used is sample data to protect the privacy of our clients.

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