B2B Lead Generation Case Study seo strategies

B2B Services SEO Case Study

B2B Services Company Achieves 155% Increase in Leads in One Year. 

Combining audience analysis with reverse engineering, a 7-figure affiliate management agency was able to double their organic new users in one year and increase high-quality leads by 155%.


During 2015 – 2016 an American B2B services company was making 2.3M annually. In the years to follow they lost nearly 30% of their overall income.

They brainstormed with team members to think about what changed internally. What were they doing in 2015 that they were not doing in 2018?

Across the board the answer was: content.

During the heyday years of 2015 – 2016 they were churning out tons of great content!

So, they began again, writing a ton of content.

Despite the team’s best efforts traffic continued to decrease. The new content failed to increase the quantity – or quality – of leads through the organic channel.


By analyzing the company’s best accounts, listening to sales calls, reading emails, digging through contracts and listening to what was discussed in networking groups we were able to find a pattern.

We applied that pattern to keyword research and found 4 “golden touch points,” or pillar topics, that were true to their brand and targeted their ideal client.

These 4 pillar topics were tested with Ads in order to gather the current keyword volume and conversion rates across a few marketing channels. 

Armed with real-time data, we began rolling out search marketing campaigns on a monthly basis beginning of 2020. 

Example Campaign A:

Example Campaign B:


Because the content is strategic and intentional this B2B services company is now running active organic campaigns that are cost-effective and generate leads from their ideal audience. 

In just 3 months, the American B2B services company achieved a 200% increase in targeted leads. 

Month 3 Report:

  • 200% increase in Leads.
  • 47% increase in New Site Users.
  • 114,000 Google Search Impressions

Year End Report

By the end of 2020, the company achieved:

  • 159% increase in Leads
  • 14,922 New Site Users
  • 1.57M Google Search Impressions 

Year over Year Growth

This company is well positioned and is becoming a thought leader in their niche market. By focusing on what their audience needs to hear, from the sources they need to hear it. 

2021 will be expanding the same organic success into other channels to create a full digital marketing experience. 

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