Tracking Form Submissions with GTM

This is a Google Tag Manager option for tracking form submissions that redirect users to a catchall thank you page, where the URL does not change.

To track form submissions with a unique thank you page URL, use Google Analytics goal tracking by destination. 

The following steps will push a FormSubmit Trigger in Google Tag Manager to Google Analytics as an event, which can then be added as a conversion. 

Step 1: Log into your Google Tag Manager Account

Create Variable

  1. Create a new variable.
  2. Configure: activate all form checkboxes.
    • only have to do this once.

Create Form Trigger

  1. Select Triggers
  2. Create a New Trigger
  3. Title: Form Trigger
  4. Configuration: form submission trigger
    • Default Settings: leave all boxes unchecked
  5. Save
  6. Preview/Debug Mode

Collect Form Identifiers

  1. Visit webpage
  2. Submit Form
  3. Watch what happens in the summary section, in the left column.

IMP Note:

  • Form will automatically redirect you and you will be unable to see the recorded trigger.
  • Right click to open thank you page in new tab.
  • This will allow you to see the form page variables.

Back to Collecting Form Identifiers:

  1. Click on the .gtmformSubmit 
  2. Select Variables in the center column.
  3. Inspect what GTM picks up from the form
  4. What can we use to specify the trigger: unique to the form
    • Form ID if available

Additional Option

If the above does not work, view the button element by:

  • Right click on the button
  • Inspect
  • Right Click
  • Copy element
  • Paste into word document
  • Look for a unique identifier, such as Click ID

Turn General Form Trigger into a Specific Form Trigger

  1. Edit General Form Trigger Name to a Unique Form Action.
    • Example “Form Trigger” becomes “Contact Us”
  2. “This trigger fires on: All Forms” change to “Some Forms”
  3. Select the unique Form element, for example:
    • Form ID (or Click ID)
  4. Contains or equals
  5. Copy and Paste Form ID string, for example:
    • “ninja_forms_form_1”
  6. Save

Send to Google Analytics by Attaching to a Tag

  1. Create a New Tag
  2. Name: “GA – Event – Name of Form Submit”
  3. Tag Configuration
    1. Choose a Tag Type: Google Analytic: Universal Analytics
  4. Tracktype: Event
  5. Category: Form Submit
  6. Action: Contact Us
  7. Label: (empty)
  8. Value: (empty)
  9. Select Google Analytics Settings
  10. Firing Triggers
    1. Choose the Form Submission trigger made in the previous step.
  11. Save

Check Your Work

  1. Refresh preview mode
  2. Refresh Webpage
  3. Resend Form Submission
  4. Watch for Event Tag Fire
  5. Look in Google Analytics
    • Reports > Real Time
    • Events

Turn Event into a Goal

  1. Google Analytics Goals
  2. Select Form Submission
  3. Type: Event
  4. Goal Details: enter the unique category, action, etc. 
    • Model whatever data is sent to GA from GTM.
  5. Save

Check Your Work

  1. Refresh Webpage
  2. Resend Form Submission
  3. Watch in GA
    1. Reports > Real Time
    2. Conversions

When everything looks correct – publish your GTM container. 


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