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Outsourcing SEO Manager

Outsourcing your SEO manager is the insider secret to scaling SaaS customer acquisition and e-commerce revenue.  

Partnering with an entire team of expert search marketing professionals allows for rapid scale.

By reducing company overhead, cost per acquisition and increases the time devoted to organic channels.

Who Needs to Outsource?

If any of the following rings true for your company, you will want to consider outsourcing an SEO manager:

  • Needs to Quickly Scale Organic Channel
  • Limited Budget
    • unable to hire multiple full-time employees with varying skill levels
  • High Customer Acquisition Costs
  • Relying too Heavily on PPC
  • Minimum Bandwidth
    • current team is too busy to launch, manage and optimize SEM
  • Unable to Find the Necessary Talent to Scale Quickly
  • Current SEO unsuccessful
    • working for over a year and the money put in is not resulting in increased revenue.

If you are looking to reduce customer acquisition costs, enter new markets or increase sales –  you will want to consider partnering with an SEO manager.

What Does an Outsourced SEO Manager Do?

For a SaaS company or digital based agency (ecommerce, affiliate marketing, video production) your most valuable resource is time. 

To add more of this valuable resource, you need more people.

More account strategists, creatives and project managers means you are spending more time hiring and training new employees.  

More people means more overhead.

Digital agencies become extremely bloated, rather than more efficient, which is why growth is so difficult to achieve.

Outsourcing SEO is the practice of having search engine optimization services done outside your company instead of handling search optimization in-house.

Example of search engine marketing services:

  • Technical Audits
  • Content Audits
  • Audience Analysis
  • Keyword Research
  • OnPage SEO
  • Content Marketing
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Google Analytics
  • Data Studio Reporting
  • Google Ads

Finding the right SEO Manager allows you more time and resources to scale your business and opens a point of contact to a large team of SEO professionals.

How an Outsourced SEO Manager Scales Revenue:


SEO management companies provide an experienced team to manage and grow your program right away.

Immediately you acquire an entire team, with experience and proven track records that go far beyond what one or two in-house employees can provide.

This breadth of knowledge and exposure to an increasingly wide range of circumstances proves itself to be very valuable.

Minimum Training

Hiring an SEO manager is still going to need training time.

Because an SEO management company should have its own training program, you don’t have to pay for training.

Only need an onboarding call for introductions and to learn how to best support your team.

Agencies are exposed to a wide variety of circumstances that only comes from working on multiple accounts across industries.

Allowing them to act efficiently to extraordinary circumstances.

Low Overhead

According to, “the average Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Manager salary in the United States is $77,240 as of February 26, 2020, but the salary range typically falls between $66,383 and $95,237.”

Now add 1-2 support stuaff, benefits, a work space and seo tools.

Don’t worry if your firm does not have that amount to budget.

Outsourcing seo management allows you to work with a team of industry leading experts, for a fraction of the cost.

Where you may have only been able to afford one person, an outsourced SEO management agency provides 2-5 people per account. 

When you compare the resources, the cost/benefit analysis falls heavily to the outsourced agency.

Save Time

Because an SEO management company can provide technical, creative and prospecting resources, you only need to be available for a quick meeting each month and a few emails.

For example, Larkin SEO manages everything from top-level strategy development and execution to goal tracking.

Find “the Right Fit”

The hiring process is a huge drain on time and money. You can research all the questions to ask when hiring a SEO expert – but how will you know what a quality answer is?

Are you able to train this new hire to work effectively with your team?

What about when they need time off, who will pick up the slack?

Or let’s say you’ve already found an SEO team member. Three months in, do you know what they’re working on?

Do you know if it’s effective?

What if a client is not getting the results they need – is your SEO new hire able to shift gears and increase leads?

Because we work as a team, if one account manager does not meet your needs, we can swap out another one with no downtime and no learning curve.  

Results Orientated

Subscription based and SEO management for e-commerce is priced by a percent of channel growth.

Because our growth is fully integrated with your growth, you can imagine we are extremely results oriented.

Outsourcing your SEO manager has a real financial impact on your overall costs and ability to scale quickly.

Larkin SEO has been studying search marketing since 2008. Using best practices, to keep companies in Google’s good graces. 

Ensuring your digital marketing campaigns are utilizing the key phrases customers are searching on the platforms your audience trusts for information.

At the end of the day, outsourcing SEO management allows you with more time and resources to scale your business.

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