Outsourcing SEO

SEO is important. You know you should be focusing at least some of your attention on optimizing for search engines.

But – it’s complex, time consuming, and requires patience to see results.

For a professional digital marketing agency (inbound marketing, affiliate marketing or paid search) your most valuable resource is time. 

To add more of this valuable resource, you need more people. 

More account strategists, creatives and project managers means you are spending more time hiring and training new employees.  

More people means more overhead. 

It goes on and on …

Digital marketing agencies become bloated, rather than more efficient, which is why growth is so difficult to achieve.

Outsourcing has become a major trend in digital marketing over the past decade because of scalability. 

Outsourcing SEO is the practice of having search engine optimization services (keyword research, on-page optimization, off-page optimization) done outside your company instead of handling search optimization in-house.

Finding the right SEO partner allows you more time and resources to scale your business and opens a point of contact to a large team of SEO professionals.

This extended network of search engine optimization professionals is one of several benefits of outsourcing SEO.

Benefits of outsourcing SEO team:

Expert knowledge

SEO companies are often composed of a team that works together, day in and day out.

Communicating fresh ideas and successful strategies back and forth.

Your campaign (and business) will definitely benefit from the collective experiences and knowledge of the group.

No hiring and on boarding costs

SEO isn’t a one-and-done type of thing.

It requires maintenance, consistent content creation, and patience to see long-term results. 

Let’s say you hire an SEO manager to support your team.

According to Glassdoor, an SEO Manager in the U.S. is somewhere around $60,000 USD per year.

And that doesn’t include the time and money it requires to find and onboard that new employee.

Consider how costly keeping SEO in-house will be in the long run.

Can your team afford to siphon time away from other goals and responsibilities?

When you partner with a white label SEO company, you only pay for services rendered.

Giving you more control over expenses, which can drastically reduce your marketing costs.

Consistent SEO management

An advantage to outsourcing search optimization is that you are working with a company and not just one person.

In-house SEO managers tend to have only a few members.

If someone leaves, a large burden falls on the remaining employees.

This kind of stressful atmosphere can create a snowball effect as more people leave for better working conditions.

Partnering with an SEO company means you will not feel a single absence as keenly. 

Established Processes

When building an in-house SEO team, you will have to tackle the difficulties of infrastructure.

Who will be responsible for what?

What is the most efficient work flow?

What is the best SEO audit tool?

When should the search marketing research analyst connect with content team – what about creative?

SEO partners have established proprietary processes that they are constantly testing and refining.

That way if you have a question about an upcoming inbound campaign or site migration, your SEO partner will have a template to help making it as smooth as possible.

Comprehensive Reports

How do you know if a campaign is working?

Understanding your campaign’s effectiveness is essential to properly allocating resources and client retention.

You are essentially throwing money away if a strategy is not increasing key metrics. 

The best white label SEO companies have comprehensive reporting, are able to explain concepts in an easy to understand manner, and problem-solve when the reports are in the red.

At the end of the day, outsourcing SEO allows you with more time and resources to scale your business.

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Hiring for SEO

Outsourcing SEO

What is Outsourcing SEO?

Outsourcing SEO is the process of hiring a third-party company, agency or individual expert for onpage or off page search engine optimization (SEO) services.

Companies switching from an inhouse seo department to an SEO expert are finding they save a considerable amount of time and money. Outsourcing seo generates passive income, expands digital services and increases clientele.

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