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2020 SEO Analysis

Industry Buzzwords: what you will hear everyone talking about.

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • NLP
  • BERT

SEO professionals have been talking about artificial intelligence and its impact on the internet for years. This is not something to be worried about, it is something to embrace.

Search engine optimization is becoming less about “tricking” search engines and more about fulfilling the search query intent. 

Because this is already a massive article, we will address additional SEO buzzwords in future articles: site speed, voice search, video and GMB. 

Remember that statistics and increased traffic growth reports can be easily manipulate. And, because a tactic worked on one website in one vertical does not mean it will work to achieve your company goals.

What should you focus on in 2020?

  • Accurate keyword research
    • Hint: Keyword Planner is grossly inaccurate. 
  • Brand Positioning
    • Get users searching your brand name.
  • Inbound Marketing
    • Reach your persona at different buying points.
  • Affiliate Marketing
    • Reduce cost per acquisition.
  • Placement Ads
    • Highly targeted ad placement.
  • Help search engines understand how content is connected

How to Stay Relevant in a No Click SERP

Because we are seeing Google search engine result pages include:

  • Carousels
  • Double featured snippets
  • PAA
  • Interesting Finds
  • (Re)introduction of Q&A. 

It appears as though Google is taking a page out of Facebook’s playbook or possibly gamification and making moves to keep users on the SERP and on the pages within their display network. 

Strategy will differ according to industry and how your target market retrieves information. 

By focusing on brand positioning and inbound marketing, you will bypass the no click SERP: 

  • Getting people to search the brand name.
  • Interacting where the user gets trusted information (groups, forums) to increase social influence.
    • I’m not talking about links from social or posting to your company facebook page.
    • Increase actual referrals and recommendations from user’s social circle.
  • Ads placement management.
  • Featured Snippets that include links in the list view to entice users to click-through for full information. 
  • Entities

SEO Innovation


  • Bing and Naver have shown a steady increase in 2019.
  • Microsoft Ads have solid conversion rates for much less CPA.
  • What demographics are moving away from Google and Facebook?
  • Do their search queries differ?

Interests of Study:List

  1. Data visualization
  2. how to get into “interesting finds”
  3. building data studio connectors
  4. Testing Html5 sections/articles
  5. Wikipedia New Article Reviewer

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