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Sustaining Private School Admissions

In the name of public health, private schools closed campuses and moved swiftly to online education.

Now we are left managing the emotional component of an interrupted school year while ensuring online courses follow accessibility rules and figuring out a way to make sure all students have the tech they need to continue their education.

Tough questions are swirling around our heads: What impact will Covid-19 have on our school communities, on families, on the economy—now and in the long-term? 

And then there’s the uncertainty: when will teachers and students be allowed to return to school— what will school be like when we do?

We have to communicate the value of our online learning model with current families and we have to continue outreach in a manner that is appropriate and sensitive.  

The impact to the education ecosystem and ripple effects across our collective livelihoods is too vast to predict.

It can feel overwhelming. But it is not hopeless.

We will be sharing resources and proprietary admission strategies, as we learn more about consumer behavior in the education sector.

Covid-19 Resources

Going Online:

Professional instructional designers are volunteering their time to assist faculty in adapting their materials to teach online. Sign up to help or to request help through the Instructional Design Emergency Response Network.

Social & Emotional:

Now is when we need to apply everything we know about social emotional learning.

Social-emotional skills can support our students in managing the roller coaster of emotions they will be having over the coming days and months. Resources to help students learn resilience and perseverance.

Covid-19 Education Coalition: 

A diverse group of nearly 50 education organizations have come together to deliver high-quality tools, resources and support for educators and parents to “keep the learning going” during school closures.

Privacy Resources: 

This repository of privacy and data protection resources related to COVID-19 is compiled by the Future of Privacy Forum, and will be updated regularly. We hope these resources will help privacy leaders in schools to provide front-line support to students and communities.

Digital Citizenship

As school moves online, teaching digital citizenship has never been more important. Prepare your students to stay safe, solve problems and become a force for good. Shifting the conversation from one of fear and negativity to one of inclusivity, empathy and action.

Facebook, Google, ISTE, Common Sense Education and BrainPop are a few of the partners.

Help is Here

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