How to Know Ads Are Using the Best Call-to-Action?

Ensure call-to-actions in your Ads are relevant to what users are searching currently by tracking the page traffic to top “money pages” – aka the page that makes you money.

Looking at all page traffic (not just landing page traffic) will show you the patterns in what action people are looking to complete on your website during a given period of time.

You’re 87 seconds away from creating a report that will automate which CTA you should be using in your Ads. Read the step-by-step or watch the video.

Automate in Data Studio by creating a simple line graph:

  1. Add a New Page to your Data Studio Report (or create a new report)
  2. Add a Chart Line Graph
  3. Data Source – Google Analytics
  4. Dimension – Month
  5. Breakdown Dimension – Page
  6. Metric – Users
  7. Sort – Month
    1. Descending
  8. Secondary Sort – Users
    1. Descending
  9. Date Range – Custom
    1. This year to date
  10. Filter
    1. Add a New Filter
    2. Data Source – Google Analytics
    3. Include – Page – Equal to – /moneypageurl
    4. Use the “or” option to add each money page
  11. Google Analytics Segment
    1. Add a Segment
    2. System Segments
    3. Organic Traffic
  12. Add a country filter at the top of your report to be able to view specifics per country quickly.

Video How To Ensure Ads are Using the Best Call-to-Action

Video showing how to create a simple line graph in data studio to visualize what action users are looking to take on your website. You can use this data to ensure CTA’s on Ads are relevant.

Next Video will be how to use landing page data to know what keywords to target.