Google Analytics 4 Setup

Ensure your marketing campaigns are powered with the latest analytics solutions – set up Google Analytics 4 today!

GA4 migration and setup services start at USD 15,000 for Agencies and Mid-Size Advertisers – a small price to pay for streamlined insights that power successful campaigns.

GA4 Deadline: July 2023

Universal Analytics will stop receiving data in July 2023 (October 2023 for GA 360). 

After this date, any Universal Analytics reports, or dashboards using UA data, that you rely on to power marketing campaigns will be blank.

Unless you set up a Google Analytics 4 (GA4) properly now.

Universal Analytics vs Google Analytics 4

GA4 is a different platform that requires more work to set up. Your team will use Google Analytics differently.

This means that people in your organization will need to change how they think about data.

You will need training for your team, a data analyst skilled in GA4, and ongoing support.

Ongoing support from a skilled data analyst can help manage GA4 changes that will arise – similar to how you currently rely on a developer.

Think about adding new events, creating ad hoc reports, and preventative maintenance.

Please get in contact for additional information about ongoing GA4 support.

GA4 Setup Process

My team uses the following four-step process for migrating and setting up Google Analytics:

Step 1

Data Strategy

Migrating to GA4 is a great opportunity to re-imagine and clean up your data. 

Key members of your marketing team will meet with our data engineers in an initial data discovery meeting. 
During this strategy call we will customize your GA4 setup to deliver useful truths about your business.
Step 1
Step 2


Our data engineers are on the job to ensure your dev team remains fully available.

We'll thoroughly review the existing setup and thoughtfully map it into a brand-new Google Analytics 4 system for maximum effectiveness.

The process includes tagging with GTM, plus linking up key platforms such as Search Console and Ads to build the big picture.
Step 2
Step 3

Quality Assurance

Before handing it over to your team, we use rigorous testing models to make sure Google Analytics 4 is working properly.

This ensures that all data collected is accurate so you can get the most out of these insights right away!
Step 3
Step 4


Bring to life all the data and setup work into a final digestible form that will seamlessly become a trusted source for day to day decision making.
Step 4

GA4 Pricing Guide

Small Business

GA4 Simple Starter Project: $1,795
(subject to availability)

Mid Size Advertiser

GA4 Project: $4,995 per month for 3 months


GA4 Project: $12k per month for 3+ months

What Do You Get with Google Analytics 4?

Universal Analytics has been free and relatively easy to set up and use for over a decade.

It makes sense to want to know: what am I getting in return? Why should I update to Google Analytics 4?

Google Analytics 4 future-proofs your data.

Yes, the process of migration is daunting. Yes, the platform is technically heavy and cumbersome.

But we need to update how we collect user data to match how people use the internet today.

Without getting too much in the weeds, here are five ways GA4 future-proofs your data.

Privacy-centric Model

Google Analytics 4 was built with privacy in mind, offering advanced data control and anonymity to protect user information.

Data-driven Attribution

GA4 uses a new “data-driven attribution” model, which provides a better understanding of each marketing channel’s role in conversions.

Better data attribution allows you to make smarter marketing decisions to increase ROI and maximize success.

Access to Advanced Analysis Techniques

GA4 provides access to new metrics and advanced analysis techniques that can help improve marketing efforts by providing deeper insights into user behavior.

Cross-platform Data Collection

GA4 also enables you to collect data across multiple devices, platforms and environments, allowing you to get a clearer picture of your users. This comprehensive view of your customers will lead to better targeting and more effective marketing campaigns.

Machine Learning-driven Insights

Finally, GA4’s machine learning capabilities offer smarter insights that can uncover hidden opportunities in your data to improve the customer experience and drive better business results.

Ask About Analytics Alternatives

Google Analytics 4 will not be the best analytics solution for all organizations. Ask us about conversion rate optimization software and Adobe Analytics.

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