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User-friendly marketing reports that translate a rabbit hole of data into actionable business decisions.

Ready-to-go data studio templates for ecommerce, search engine optimization and paid advertising.

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eCommerce Dashboard w/ Ads

Complete eCommerce and Ads Data Studio template for $50 USD, set-up is $99 per account.

Template Includes:

  • Product Revenue Overview
  • User Experience from Product View to Transaction
  • Revenue by Brand and Product Category
  • Revenue by Marketing Channel
  • Revenue by Region
  • Ads Performance
Screenshot of eCommerce and Ads Data Studio dashboard.
Ads Data Studio Dashboard is an All-in-One eCommerce reporting solution.

SEO Dashboard

Complete search engine optimization Data Studio template available $50 USD, set-up is $99 per account.

Template Includes:

  • Number of Indexed Pages on Google
  • Number of Indexed Keywords on Google
  • Organic Search KPIs
  • Branded vs. Nonbranded Keywords
  • Short-Tail vs Long-Tail Keywords
  • Page Rankings
Screenshot of SEO Data Studio Dashboard.

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